Earth, Ashes and Congruence


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-By Ram Tumuluri

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Pritha Vashisht – an award winning poetess, Kabir Singhania – a reputed financial consultant, Vibhutinarain Chaturvedi – a professor of Philosophy and an expert on the Bhagvad Geeta; What do they have in common? All the three are a part of an experience called the human experience. One fine evening their paths cross and all of them are forced to dig deep and find the strength to maintain their beliefs. Their faith is questioned, their hypotheses are challenged. Through these characters, Earth, Ashes and Congruence tries to study the nature of virtue and vice. This is a story of three journeys, the journeys of the protagonists to find themselves. Inspired by Bhagwaticharan Verma’s award winning Chitralekha, Earth, Ashes and Congruence examines beliefs, asks questions and provides answers.




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